Think and Grow Rich! The Original Version, Restored and Revised

Think and Grow Rich! The Original Version, Restored and Revised

Narrated by:
Douglas James
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2024
10 hours 33 minutes
The most widely acclaimed, influential book on success ever published.

For a quarter-century, Napoleon Hill interviewed hundreds of successful men and women under the guidance of the richest man of his time, Andrew Carnegie. In this timeless classic, he reveals the secret to their great achievements - a powerful, proven formula that can empower you to achieve your own most cherished goals too. If there is one must-have guide you need on the road to high achievement and success - to real riches in every aspect of your life - this is it.

Unlike most versions of Dr. Hill's book, this edition restores his masterpiece to its original form and intent. It includes essential material on how to thrive in challenging economic times that was taken out of later versions but is incredibly relevant today. This is the only edition of Think and Grow Rich that is fully annotated and indexed, providing key details about Dr. Hill's life and times, his life-long research, and the leaders of business and industry he studied to glean the invaluable principles of success you'll discover here.
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