Written by:
Ted Dekker
Narrated by:
Rob Lamont

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2003
10 hours 39 minutes
The nightmare has just begun... your world has changed forever. “Evil is beyond the reach of no man.” “But can a man remove himself beyond the reach of evil?” Kevin asked. “Indeed,” Dr. Francis said. “Can man step beyond evil’s reach? I think not. Not in this lifetime.” “Then all men are condemned to a life of evil,” Kevin said. “A lifetime struggle with evil, not a life of evil,” Dr. Francis clarified. Imagine answering your cell phone one day to a male voice that gives you three minutes to confess your sin. If you don’t, the madman, Slater, will blow your car to smithereens. You barely manage to exit heavy traffic and ditch the car when, precisely three minutes later, your car blows sky high. The media and police descend on the scene; your world has just changed forever. So begins the nightmare that grows with progressively higher stakes. There ís another phone call, another riddle. The cycle will not stop until the world discovers the secret of your sin, but you don’t have a clue what that sin is. If not for Jennifer, the brilliant FBI agent working to corner Slater, you would indeed go mad.
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Mónica Ogaz

I didn't care for the music parts, but the narrator was perfect. I enjoyed this book from beginning to end in just one day, great book and a superb way of delivering voices and an incredible story.

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Philipp Timokhin

Keeps you engaged until the last chapter! However, once in a while, random music started to pay while narration is going on..

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