Titan, 2nd edition

Written by:
Jez Cajiao
Narrated by:
Wayne Mitchell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2023
22 hours 3 minutes
Jax and his people have raided the City of Fallen Souls, but just because you've grabbed the loot, doesn't mean you're home free . . .

Once again, Jax has found himself in the thick of it. His party needs to escape, make changes and improve on the incomplete and barely manned ships they stole. With the city, not to mention the Dark Legion, gearing for war, he has only one choice available.


Jax and his people must take the risk of landing aboard the possessed, infested, and crumbling Sunken City. They need to move people, resources, and more around. While preparing the ships, the new citizens, and hell, Jax needs to meet most of the people who followed him blindly on the promise of a better life.

Not to mention that there's new skills to learn, professions to level, and loot to be had . . . Welcome to the Sunken City . . . Welcome to the Prax Glorious Retribution . . .

Welcome to TITAN!
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