Titan’s Judgement [Dramatized Adaptation]: The Great Insurrection 9

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
8 hours 2 minutes
'Everything has led to this…
…But only one warrior will win.
The three forces converge on Earth: de Finita, The AllSeer, and Prometheus.
Behind them lay the wreckage of millions of lives and planets burned to ashes.
In front of each?
The greatest empire known to mankind. Destiny.
In the final book of this epic saga, who will achieve victory? Can Prometheus deliver an empire to the AllMother?
Or does fate have him marked for death?
In the last book in this military space opera, the war ends. Listen now, because you’ll love finding out who wins and who dies.
Performed by Terence Aselford, Bradley Foster Smith, Danny Gavigan, Thomas Penny, Eric Messner, Peter Holdway, Keith Richards, Rob McFadyen, Christopher Williams, Marni Penning, Nanette Savard, Scott McCormick, Chris Stinson, Nora Achrati, Richard Rohan, Colleen Delany, Terence Aselford, Lydia Kraniotis, David M. Jourdan, Wyn Delano, Amanda Forstrom, Michael John Casey, Steve Wannall, Ken Jackson, Zeke Alton, and David Zitney.'
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