Tom Clancy Duty and Honor

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2016
9 hours 14 minutes
Even though he’s on forced leave from the clandestine intelligence group known as The Campus, Jack Ryan, Jr., still finds himself caught in the crosshairs after an attempt on his life is thwarted when he turns the tables on his would-be dispatcher. Convinced that the attack is linked to his recent covert actions with the convalescing Iranian national Ysabel Kashini, Jack sets out to find out who wants him dead, and why.
            Using clues found on the now dead assassin, Jack pursues the investigation, following a growing trail of corpses to the European Union’s premier private security firm, Rostock Security Group, and its founder, Jürgen Rostock—a former general in the German Special Forces Command. Rostock is world-renowned as a philanthropist and human rights advocate. But Jack knows him from a Campus mission revolving around a company linked to RSG—a mission that has put him on Rostock’s lethal radar. 
            Without any Campus resources, Jack launches his own shadow campaign to uncover the truth about Rostock and a long-running false-flag war of terror that has claimed thousands of lives. Yet all of that bloodshed is but a precursor to a coming catastrophic event that will solidify Rostock’s place among the global powers. An event that Jack must stop at any cost.
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John N.

I also like Tom Clancy novels so I may be a little biased to. I would’ve liked to have seen more from the campus itself with Clark and Chavez . I did like the ending.

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Markus S

Very disappointing. I loved Tom Clancy but, if this is what I can expect from now on, let it end. I like to listen to books while driving. Normally I can't wait to drive again. With this one it's boring. It lacks the details and art of Clancy.

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Jack J

Hugh fan of Tom Clancy books especially J Ryan and John Clark so my opinion may be bias. But this is another excellent book

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Mary Anne Newby

Loved it. I am so glad Clancey's characters have found new life with Blavkwood. They seem to keep their same identities which is wonderful. He keeps the stories going well as Clancey always had. Yes, I realize this is not his first "Ryan" novel, but it is my first time to thank him for keeping my favorite family around.

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Book Critic

The plot itself is interesting but the writing lacks the emotion that could make it so much better. With that said, the narration is superb and compensates for the missing passion in the writing.

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