Tomorrow's Capitalist: My Search for the Soul of Business

Written by:
Alan Murray

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2022
9 hours 7 minutes
In an era of political and cultural extremism, America’s corporate leaders have emerged as the pragmatic center of a movement for social and economic progress.

The core tenets of a capitalist system that dominated the world for more than a century are being challenged as never before. Narratives about the failures of capitalism, the greed of the 1 percent, and the blindness of corporations to public need have made their mark and are driving change. These aren’t the superficial cosmetic fixes that generated so much cynicism in the past, but a revolution in the way corporations are imagined and run. 

Tomorrow’s Capitalist reveals how corporate CEOs—the ultimate pragmatists—realized that they could lose their “operating license” unless they tackle the fundamental issues of our time: climate, diversity and inclusion, and inequality and workforce opportunity. Responding to their employees and customers who are demanding corporate change, they have taken the lead in establishing the bold new principles of stakeholder capitalism, ensuring that for the first time in more than a half a century it is not just shareholders who have a say in how corporations are run.

Alan Murray vividly captures the zeitgeist of the real and compelling dynamic that is transforming much of the corporate world.
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Brant C.

Business is changing for the better and Allen Murray is watching from the front row. In Tomorrow’s Capitalist he gives us a clear 101 on the move to doing well by doing good. Everyone who wants to be in business in ten years should read this and get to work.

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