Touch of Death

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
7 hours 21 minutes
Death was just the beginning.

I have suddenly found myself in a strange new realm. A realm in which all I know is death. Where the life I led before is nothing but a shadow haunting the peripheries of my mind.

It calls to me, begs me to remember what happened . . . but the more I try to recall, the less I seem to remember, and the more terrifying this cruel new world becomes.

I am an enigma, not only to myself, but everyone around me.

A soul lost in a world of darkness that wants nothing more than to devour me. To claim me as its own before I have a chance to escape. Before I have a chance to remember who I am . . . and how I came to be here. Before I remember, him.

But even then, the Underworld has no intention of letting me go. Not unless I can win them to my side.

Contains mature themes.
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