Travel Agents: More Scrapes, Japes and Narrow Escapes

Travel Agents: More Scrapes, Japes and Narrow Escapes

Narrated by:
Graham Williams , Lisa Jackson
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2021
7 hours 52 minutes
Would you risk being arrested by Iran’s secret police or subject yourself to a ‘torture massage’ in North Korea just so you could say you’d survived to tell the tale? And would you even want to share a crude-oil bath with a retired croc hunter in Azerbaijan? Or pull a golden ring from a turd?

Graham and his wife Lisa have done all of these things. In journeys spanning the globe, they’ve also visited Kashmir when it was the most dangerous place on earth, encountered sucking sharks off Belize and a slapdash psychic in Miami, braved burning barricades in riot-torn Bolivia and been fondled by an elderly voodoo priest in Benin.

Written in a chemo ward after a devastating cancer diagnosis, and completed during the Covid-19 lockdown, Travel Agents – the warm and witty follow-up to the best-selling Travel Seekness – continues the unforgettable story of Lisa and Graham’s hilarious and often hair-raising escapades around the world.

If you enjoy the observational humour of David Sedaris, Bill Bryson, George Mahood and Sue Perkins, you’ll love this unforgettable book by Graham Williams and Lisa Jackson, the best-selling authors of Travel Seekness and the award-winning Your Pace or Mine?

Buy now to be transported on a life-affirming journey, and to make a donation to lung cancer research.

Travel Agents offers all the fun of travelling abroad – without the rigmarole of airport security!
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