Treason: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2016
12 hours 13 minutes
Major Brooke Grant must track down the double agent who is infiltrating the U.S. government in this international thriller from influential politician Newt Gingrich and Pulitzer Prize finalist Pete Earley.

Brooke Grant has been waging war against terrorism since her parents were murdered during 9/11, keenly aware that violence transcends borders. But after a coordinated attack on the president at a Washington power broker's funeral, she realizes that the enemy is closer than she'd ever imagined, hiding in plain sight. The Falcon has gained a weapon no terrorist has ever wielded before: an American-born traitor burrowed inside the U.S. government itself.

Major Grant's deadly chess match with the Falcon turns personal when he issues a fatwa against her and those she loves. Can she unmask the traitor and stop the Falcon's most skilled assassin sent to kill her before he strikes? Or will she fall victim to betrayal by a false friend in this gripping story of treachery, courage, and the patriotic fight against evil?

In this realistic tale of modern-day treason, a nation fights for its life against an internal threat: a fanatical jihadist who uses liberty as a shield while trying to destroy the civilization created in its image. With decades of knowledge in national security and politics, only Newt Gingrich and Pete Earley could spin such a vivid mix of reality and fiction -- a page-turner that dares readers to guess where the line between the two is crossed.
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Sarah Underwood

Well written and attention getting and keeping book.

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Kennard Hill

Book was not one of the best the authors have done. The ending was confusing and left this reader frustrated.

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Maureen Wilbur

The book was fun to listen to and well narrated. I enjoyed it. Good read!

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Charles Harris

Superbly and compellingly written. You'll not want to put it down until it is finished!

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Bsmith Smith

Excellent work. Timely and compelling, with well researched data points.

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