Truth, Lies, and Mr. Grey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
9 hours 37 minutes
Diamond. Noelle. Vanessa. As Cyrus Grey recovers from a near-fatal shooting, the women who each thought they were his only wife are fighting hard to make new dreams-even if it means going one dangerous step too far . . .

On trial for Cyrus's shooting, Diamond is determined to clear her name-and get back the husband she still loves. But uncovering the truth will reveal more secrets than she ever imagined. And unexpected desire is bringing them all too close to home . . .

Beautiful Noelle has found happiness with new love Tariq. But Cyrus' scheming confronts her with an unthinkable conspiracy-and an impossible choice to save all she hopes for . . .

As seemingly sweet suburban wife Vanessa helps Cyrus recover, she's about to finish him off for good-and keep the expensive lifestyle she earned. But her manipulations will push her up against two relentless-and all-too-intimate-enemies . . .

Now with lethal agendas clashing, passions high, and everyone's future on the line, which rules will each woman break to finally end the past-and who will survive to secure everything?
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