Ultimate Power Negotiating for Salespeople Master Course

Written by:
Roger Dawson
Narrated by:
Roger Dawson

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2023
5 hours 7 minutes

Negotiating is a fact of life for everyone. But it’s crucial for anyone in sales.

Here Roger Dawson explains the ins and outs of power negotiation—a process with its own secret rules and procedures. Knowing these rules will enable you to negotiate intelligently and honestly—in sales and in any other area of life.

Power negotiating is not what you think. It’s an art and a science for reaching an outcome where both parties feel that they’ve won.

This densely packed and easy to understand book will give you a wealth of information, including:
What makes a power negotiator.
Why you should always turn down the first offer.
The single most important expression you can use in negotiation.
How to nibble for added advantages, and how to keep someone from nibbling at you.
How to adapt your negotiation to different personality styles.
Using powerful techniques such as invoking higher authority and good guy/bad guy.
Turning pressure points to your advantage.
Resolving obstacles to successful outcomes.
Adapting your negotiating style to people of other cultures. The real secret to a win-win solution. And much, much more.
If you’ll learn and apply the secrets in this book, you’ll never again feel that you’ve lost in a negotiation.
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