Unexpected Kindness: Autobiographical Stories of Gratitude

Written by:
Dr. Joe Vitale
Narrated by:
Dan Strutzel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2023
4 hours 17 minutes
When Bob Proctor of The Secret passed away in 2022, I found myself at the computer the next morning. I started writing about how he had dramatically influenced my life in 1998.

The next morning, I wrote about another person who had helped me early in my career.

Dr. Hew Len, for example, who also passed away in 2022, taught me modern ho'oponopono, which led to my books Zero Limits, At Zero, and The Fifth Phrase.

The next morning I remembered yet another person who had helped me when I needed it most.

I did this every morning for a month, not knowing why I was writing all these stories.

Then I realized it was a book.

A book of true stories of how people helped me when I was broke, unknown, unpublished, and with no evidence that I would ever be a success.

They helped me anyway.

I named the book "Unexpected Kindness."

It's my way to give thanks to those who helped me, long before I became a bestselling author, musician, speaker, or ended up in the hit movie The Secret; and my way to ignite a fire within you to help others.

I believe the solution to the world's problems - yours and mine - is in one word: kindness.

Practice "Unexpected Kindness" and you'll influence people in ways you can't imagine or predict - just as those who helped me long ago.
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