The Unexpected: Navigating Pregnancy During and After Complications

The Unexpected: Navigating Pregnancy During and After Complications

Written by:
Nathan Fox , Emily Oster
Narrated by:
Nathan Fox , Emily Oster
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
5 hours 53 minutes
From the New York Times bestselling author of Expecting Better, a guide to navigating a second pregnancy when the first did not go as planned—with Dr. Nathan Fox, maternal fetal medicine specialist

In Expecting Better, Emily Oster revolutionized the pregnancy landscape with her data-driven approach. In the years since, she kept hearing questions from listeners on how to approach a second pregnancy when the first has not gone as planned.

While The Unexpected is an audiobook that Oster hopes no one needs, the reality is that 50 percent of pregnancies include complications, a fact we don’t talk about. Preeclampsia, miscarriage, hyperemesis gravidarum, preterm birth, postpartum depression: these are lonely experiences, and that isolation makes treatment harder to access—and crucial research and policy change less likely to happen.

The Unexpected lays out the data on recurrence and treatments shown to lower or mitigate risk for these conditions in subsequent pregnancies. It also provides listeners road maps to facilitate productive conversations with their providers, with insights from lauded maternal fetal medicine specialist Dr. Nathan Fox.

By bridging the knowledge gap and making space for difficult conversations, The Unexpected promises to make the hardest parts of pregnancy a little bit less so.

*Includes a downloadable PDF of graphs and tables from the book
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