Until Death

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
6 hours 47 minutes
Death was all he deserved . . . until it wasn't.

No sooner than I step out of sight of Death, and what our deal has wrought, do I regret the words I've spoken.

My heart aches from the harshness of my tongue, and I wonder if I have made a grave mistake.

And yet, I do not turn back. No. Instead, I harden my heart against these thoughts. Against my feelings.

Sealing my fate with yet another mistake borne of disobedience . . . not only to my mother's dying wish, but to the true desires of my soul.

A fate that will force me to my very knees to save the ones I love. To save him. To save . . . us.

Contains mature themes.
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