Unworthy: How to Stop Hating Yourself

Written by:
Anneli Rufus
Narrated by:
Rose Itzcovitz

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
June 2014
7 hours 59 minutes
'Self-loathing is a dark land studded with booby-traps. Fumbling through its dark underbrush, we cannot see what our trouble actually is: that we are mistaken about ourselves. That we were told lies long ago which we, in love and loyalty and fear, believed. Will we believe ourselves to death?' -from Unworthy

As someone who has struggled with low self-esteem her entire life, Anneli Rufus knows only too well how the world looks through the eyes of those who are not comfortable in their own skin. In Unworthy, Rufus boldly explores how a lack of faith in ourselves can turn us into our own worst enemies.

Drawing on extensive research, enlightening interviews, and her own poignant experiences, Rufus considers the question: What personal, societal, biological, and historical factors coalesced to spark this secret epidemic, and what can be done to put a stop to it? She reveals the underlying sources of low self-esteem and leads us through strategies for positive change.
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Harry W.

Unless your self-worth issues are particularly image/body centred, or parentally, societally enforced, I wouldn't recommend this book. This book is obviously written for American readers, particularly American women. The book is engaging when it sticks to discussing the science and psychology of self-worth, however the author continually insists on focusing on the very new interpretation of self esteem pushed by education systems from the 1990s onwards. Unfortunately, I am neither American, nor a woman, and therefore many of the remarks and examples I assume the author added to keep engagement for their intended audience fall flat on me. I had hoped for a book that discussed self-worth, and discussed the psychology of it in an informative, constructive way. Sadly, it feels like the author is trying to constantly relate to me and tell me anecdotes from their life which I do not care for.

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Overall good, needs more scientific backing in some sections . The narrator speaks like she's reading morning announcements in a middle school, it's hard to listen to.

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Simone Painter

Love it. Great book for giving you insights into your behaviour.

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