Unwrap Your Infinite Greatness: 'W.R.A.P.'

Unwrap Your Infinite Greatness: 'W.R.A.P.'

Written by:
Les Brown
Narrated by:
Les Brown
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2022
2 hours 4 minutes
Unwrap Your Greatness is a series designed to help you realize your unique gifts and capitalize on them. Les Brown creatively dissects the word 'W.R.A.P.' and gives it new meaning. He begins with:

'W' for the winner's mindset. Les urges the listener to 'see challenges and drover the possibilities.'

'R' represents reinvent yourself. Les suggests you 'look for ways to get better or get beaten.'

'A' is for accountability partners. He believes you can 'go outside and to find pigeons, but it takes time to find an eagle.' Upgrade your relationships.

'P' is for passion and perseverance. You will learn how to explode with passion and persevere no matter what.
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