The Veiled Masters [Dramatized Adaptation]: Twilight Imperium 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2023
8 hours 47 minutes
'The galaxy stands on the brink of war, yet hope remains that the vast web of schemes can be exposed before it’s too late, in this astounding space opera from the acclaimed game, Twilight Imperium
The balance of power is shifting, with bold new alliances, unknown invaders, and the rumored return of the galaxy’s ancient masters. When black-ops spy Amina Azad saves a Hacan ambassador from assassination, she draws him into her investigation of a vast conspiracy: unseen forces are destabilizing the whole galaxy, at the worst possible time. Pursued by agents from dozens of other factions, they can only make progress by allying with their apparent enemies. But even they might be compromised – duped into action by a secret puppet-master. How can they trust an alliance when they can’t trust themselves?
Performed by Ken Jackson, Alyssa Keegan, Elias Khalil, Ryan Haugen, Julie-Ann Elliot, Andy Brownstein, Dylan Lynch, Holly Adams, David Jourdan. Lise Bruneau, Kaylee Eluvian, Zeke Alton, Lydia Kraniotis, Lily Beacon, Eva Wilhelm, Tia Shearer, Peter Holdway, Laura Harris, Megan Hastie, Karen Novak, Terence Aselford. Richard Rohan, Jeri Marshall, Nanette Savard, Steve Wannall, James Konicek, Eric Messner, Karen Novack, Bradley Smith, Scott McCormick and Michael John Casey.'
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If you are a fan of Twilight Imperium or Sci-Fi in general, I highly recommend Tim Pratt's series of TI books and its dramatized adaptions. Although not as grandiose as the board game itself, the voice acting team and the author do a fantastic job of making the story as rich and engaging as the game without eroding or contradicting the lore of the TI universe.

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