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Venus Sings the Blues

Written by:
Buck Storm
Narrated by:
Nick Walther

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2022
9 hours 37 minutes
To say Bones isn’t thrilled with his dead-end job at the Venus Motel would be an understatement. But when you’re fifteen years old with no family, expecting any prospects for your future feels pretty pointless. You just roll with the whims of the
powers that be. And the motel owner, Calico Foster, can barely keep herself afloat, much less rescue a lost kid. A job is all she can offer.
Why blues-playing magician Jimmy La Roux comes to this downtrodden motel full of weary souls is more than anyone knows. But with a rattle of Harley pipes and a cloud of dissipating dust, he roars out of the desert straight to the Venus, fresh
from blasting through the cosmos, ready to change every life he encounters. And he’s wielding a magic box that makes anything that goes into it disappear forever …
Welcome to the Venus Motel, where a million stars dance above the neon and things are almost never what they seem.
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