The Vet's Daughter

Written by:
Barbara Comyns
Narrated by:
Katherine Press

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2023
5 hours 4 minutes
'A small Gothic masterpiece... I have read it many times, and with every re-read I marvel again at its many qualities - its darkness, its strangeness, its humour, its sadness, its startling images and twists of phrase' - Sarah Waters.

Growing up in Edwardian south London, Alice Rowlands longs for romance and excitement, for a release from a life that is dreary and lonely. Her father, a vet, is harsh and oppressive; his new girlfriend, brash and lascivious.

Alice seeks refuge in fantasy, in her rapturous longing for Nicholas, a handsome young sailor, and in the blossoming of what she perceives as her occult powers.

Harrowing and haunting, this Gothic tale is a strange cross between Daphne du Maurier and Stephen King, but will also intrigue readers of Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Diane Setterfield.
Born and raised in England, Barbara Comyns (1909-1992) was a writer and artist who juggled various creative and entrepreneurial endeavors throughout her colorful life, leaving behind a rich literary legacy.
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Austin C.

I really did not like this book. The lead, Alice, didn't have much of a personality. Sure, this is likely from her abused upbringing, but through the whole book I was waiting for her to DO SOMETHING or be interested in something besides Nicholas. She really doesn't experience any character growth. The whole middle of the book has no bearing on the plot. Really, most of the book doesn't. I know the audiobook is only 5 hours long, but it could have been about half an hour and lost nothing. Also for a book called The Vet's Daughter, it really didn't matter at all that the father was a veterinarian.

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Kam G.

Did not like the story

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