Victoria Station: A BBC Radio 4 Full-Cast Drama

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
6 hours 24 minutes
The complete Series 1 and 2 of the historical drama set in a bustling Midlands railway station in the Victorian era

In these two series, set on selected dates in January 1895 and December 1896, we follow the day-to-day shenanigans of Bridgford station master Joe Braddock and his staff, along with a motley crew of passengers and passers-by. Each episode is a self-contained drama, as well as telling the ongoing story of the crises and challenges tackled by the team, and their rivalries, enmities, friendships and burgeoning romances.

As Series 1 begins, a goods train is derailed - just as a VIP visitor is about to arrive. As the crew scramble to clear the line, it becomes evident that the accident has damaged the Sherwood Tunnel: and something sinister lurks within. When a man is found dead, a public inquiry is launched - and as a second disaster looms, Signalman Fred Roberts fights to clear his name...

In Series 2, newly promoted Regional Superintendent Archibald Cripps is hatching a plot to replace Joe as Station Manager. Adding to Joe's worries are a painful tooth, pickpockets, fare-dodgers and his daughter Josie's relationship with porter Jack Robson. But when a train gets stuck in a snowdrift, with a young pregnant woman on board, it's up to Joe and his rescue party to save the day - even if it means getting fired...

Written by Steve Chambers (HighLites), these gentle, engaging plays take us back to a bygone age of travel, when the railways ruled the roost. They star Sean Baker as Joe Braddock, with a full cast including Philip Jackson, Christopher Scott, Julia Ford, Colleen Prendergast, Pauline Letts and John Hartley.

First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 4 January-1 February 1995 (Series 1), 27 November-18 December 1996 (Series 2)

Written by Steve Chambers
Directed by David Hunter, Celia de Wolff and Marion Nancarrow
Technical presentation by Richard Beadsmore, Keith Graham, David Blount, Tim Sturgeon, Ian Harker and Hilary Carruthers

Joe Braddock - Sean Baker
Tidmarsh - Philip Jackson/Christopher Scott
Josie - Julia Ford/Colleen Prendergast
Ada - Pauline Letts
Fred Roberts - John Hartley
Mr Cripps/Moran/Woodcock - Gavin Muir
Phoebe - Becky Hindley
Sydney - Tom Bevan
Jackson - Joshua Towb/Chris Pavlo
Wheeler - Tom Knight/Keith Drinkel
Robson - Lloyd Notice/Robert Harper
Mrs Brook Hammond - Frances Jeater
General Booth/Blind man - Michael Tudor Barnes
Parkin - Michael Tudor Barnes/Stephen Thorne
Girl thief/Sheena - Deborah Berlin
Professor Geider - David Collings
McCarthy - Ian Masters
Lydia - Geraldine Fitzgerald
Hancock - Nicholas Collett/Alex Lowe
Ellen Davison - Annabel Mullion
Sarah - Elizabeth Anson
Crippled John - Ronald Herdman
Russian acrobat - David B Miller
Reverend Sentence/Dr Keeble - George Parsons
Meat porter - Ian Peck
Purvis - Oliver Senton
Nellie - Jane Slavin
Hall/Mr Newton - Peter Whitman
Sheena MacDonald - Deborah Berlin
Mrs MacDonald/Miss Walker - Jilly Bond
Mr MacDonald - Peter Yapp
Dr Pettigrew - David Holt
Tuffnell/Mr Alcock - Don McCorkindale
Sir James Chettle/Ridley - Stephen Thorne
Mrs Peabody - Joyce Gibbs
Hickman - Tim Seely
Jamie - Ian Taylor
Captain Hargreaves - Mark Bonnar
Bishop - James Taylor
Bert - Peter Gunn
Colonel Smithers-Jenkins/Holbrook/Farmer White/Mr Jenkins - Ioan Meredith
Florrie - Amanda Gordon
Flora - Tracy Wiles
Mrs Ellen Scrimshaw - Ann Beach
Dr Marie Pascal - Alice Arnold
Harry - James Daley
Dora - Ashley Moore
Paper Seller - Kim Wall
Janet/Jane Cakebread - Joanna Monro
Mary - Adjoa Andoh
Miss Joseph - Mary Roscoe
Mrs Gunn/Lady Casterton - Shirley Dixon

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