Virtue and Vice

Virtue and Vice

Written by:
Megan Hart
Narrated by:
Stephanie Wyles
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
August 2021
12 hours 39 minutes
Years ago, Jarron Bydelay’s mercy allowed Notsah Mevoot to flee the House Bydelay and find her way to the Order of Solace. To prevent the need to take a queen he’s called for a Handmaiden – and she’s the one who arrives.

Now called Redemption, the former thief remembers the man who is now king all too well, but Jarron does not recall her. With her former lover and head of the king’s guard pressuring her to convince Jarron to bend politically in a decision that will change the entire province, Redemption must discover which is more important – her duty as a Handmaiden?

Or her duty to her heart.

Five Principles of the Order of Solace
1. There is no greater pleasure than providing absolute solace.
2. True patience is its own reward.
3. A flower is made more beautiful by its thorns.
4. Selfish is the heart that thinks first of itself.
5. Women we begin and women we shall end.
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