Von Neumann's War

Written by:
John Ringo , Travis Taylor
Narrated by:
Chris Henry Coffey

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2020
13 hours 58 minutes
Somebody was testing a planet-killing weapon on Mars—and the next target was Earth
Mars is the staging ground. Earth is the target. A storm of invasion gathers as the Red Planet pales and Earth
scientists—amateurs and professionals alike—race to discover what it portends. Worse news: The horde of selfreplicating probes suspected as the cause—implacable and all-consuming in its own right—may be only the tip of a
full-scale assault.

Ideas—the only useful weapon when facing an adversary an order of magnitude more advanced than you are.
But against such an enemy, thought without action is as futile as war-making without a plan. Humanity’s hope? The
“straddlers”: intelligent soldiers who know their science—and fighting scientists who have no scruples about using
their smarts to kick some alien butt. Yet even with the right people finally on the job, the hour is late.

For Mars glows red again. And the swarm is nearly upon us!

Multiple New York Times and USA Today bestseller John Ringo rocks our world as hard as he did with his
groundbreaking Posleen War series, teaming with NASA and DOD scientist Travis S. Taylor, a specialist in advanced
propulsion and space telescopes—and popular author of Warp Speed and The Quantum Connection—to usher in a new
saga of invasion, resistance, and heroism
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