Wall St. Player

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2023
4 hours 56 minutes
There's a certain percentage of women who've never experienced the big O. I happen to be one of them. When I confide that in my two best friends, they decide I can't go a moment longer without experiencing it. Next thing I know, they've signed me up for a dating app that's sure to get me all my jollies and then some.

I'm not so sure.

With a bar to run, a venture-capitalist partner telling me how to run it, and a past that makes my present difficult day to day, adding any kind of relationship-temporary or not-to that is a complication I just don't need.

Or do I?

When I finally cave and agree to meet someone, fate must think I'm a joke, because it's my business partner, Drew Miller, who walks in the door. I want to leave immediately, but when he convinces me to stay and talk it out, he makes me an offer I might actually take-he'll help me search for my missing O if I stop fighting him on the direction he wants to take the bar expansion. If he can't do it, I get control of my business back.

It's an offer too good to refuse . . .

Contains mature themes.
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