Wanted: A Husband

Written by:
Samuel Hopkins Adams
Narrated by:
Deborah Knight

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2017
5 hours 16 minutes
This serious, yet witty and hilarious, romantic comedy by Samuel Hopkins Adams is a must read/listen! From the very beginning it intrigues you with the troubles and feminine woes of young Miss Darcy Cole. Being a dowdy, unkempt fledgling lady, she finds herself in a mirthful fix after telling a whopper to her room-mates in order to save face from her severely lacking personal life. Resentful and jealous of most all other women, and contemplating suicide, she turns to actress Gloria Greene for guidance on how to become more attractive. Miss Cole had no idea what she was getting herself in to! Was it even possible to make herself over? How on Earth would she get through the lie of being engaged to a “titled” man, no less! She had never even met Sir Montrose Veyze, let alone be engaged to him! And then there is the charming Jack Remsen, who seems to be in a pickle himself. Darcy knows he would never fall for someone like her; in fact, no man even looks at her! But perhaps he might be coerced into unwittingly helping her out of her predicament.

A true Ugly Duckling tale, Darcy experiences all the emotions that most ALL women have felt at one time or another throughout life. As quoted by the Proof Listener for this work, the narrator does a superb job of “capturing the spirit of the book!” Drawing the listener in and allowing the audience to live and feel the experience along with the characters. A highly entertaining and riveting book! (summary by reader)
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Delightfully entertaining!

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Keith K.

Really a poor book. It’s hard to follow with the narrator’s mispronounced words and monotonous voice. Truly the worst read on Audiobooks.

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Capri dragon

Love it. It is more inspiring than I expected. Have listened to it many times!

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Andrea L.

The story was cute and enjoyable, but the number of words mispronounced by the narrator was astounding. Am I missing some sort of satire, there? It's beyond my comprehension that so many errors were left uncorrected....or that the pronunciation was apparently not researched at all. The alias Jack took on was called Cartier in some sentences and Cartaray in others. MANY words were pronounced with more letters and syllables than they contained: interminably (in-ter-MIN-ee-a-blee) or with letters moved to a different location in the word: fervently (FEV-er-ent-lee). The word "stern" was read as "stem" in two different places. These examples are a small fraction of the words that I was required to figure out from context, as they bore no resemblance to themselves in the way they were spoken. I don't understand how this could happen. To be perfectly honest it became humourous after awhile, but it was also horrifying.

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I enjoyed listening to this so much ❤️

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