Wear It Well: Reclaim Your Closet and Rediscover the Joy of Getting Dressed

Written by:
Allison Bornstein
Narrated by:
Suzie Althens

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2024
3 hours 37 minutes
Personal stylist Allison Bornstein has mastered the art of helping people look good and feel good. In Wear It Well, she shares her philosophy and outlines systems that will bring your style into alignment and create a wardrobe that delights your spirit.

Wear It Well will inspire you to identify, articulate, and develop your personal style, and dress with ease.

UNIQUE BLEND OF WELLNESS, SELF-CARE, AND FASHION: The only 'Joy of Dressing' book there is: no other book merges fashion, wellness, and self-care. This book will help take away the stress and anxiety around dressing.

A PROVEN PROGRAM: The AB Closet Editing System and Three Word Method are simple ways to organize your closet and your mind.

A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO BODY POSITIVITY: Wear It Well discusses how to combat and banish the voices of shame that permeate fashion culture and our own heads when we buy clothing.

PROMOTES SUSTAINABLE FASHION: Bornstein's program is based on shopping our closets rather than going out to buy an all-new wardrobe. She demonstrates how to choose ten versatile pieces to mix and match within our wardrobe. She also encourages listeners to donate 'never going to wear' clothes and to dress intentionally.
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