What's My Aura?: Learn Your Color, What It Means, and How You Can Embrace Your Unique Energy Signature

Written by:
Mystic Michaela
Narrated by:
Subhadra Newton

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
6 hours 1 minute
Identify your aura and use that unique energy signature to unlock who you truly are with this informative guide from new age influencer and author Mystic Michaela.

Your aura tells your unique story: and this book can help you understand and embrace the colors you shine out to the world.

In What’s My Aura?, aura expert and psychic to the stars Mystic Michaela teaches you everything you need to know to “see” and identify your aura colors and to learn what each color means and how they represent different personality traits. She provides insight about how these aura colors show up in all aspects of your life, from how you interact with the spiritual world to how you communicate with the people around you—and even in your personal style.

With activities and exercises to explore your aura identity, this book goes beyond the aura photos and filters to help you understand what your aura is, and how understanding it can help you better understand yourself. You’ll find out if your aura is:
-Red, which shows you’re motivated and ambitious
-Blue, which shows you’re kind and helpful
-Yellow, which shows you’re curious and introspective
-Purple, which shows you’re creative and eccentric
-Green, which shows you’re intelligent and systematic
-Indigo, which shows you’re compassionate and sensitive
-Pink, which shows you’re romantic and innocent
-Turquoise, which shows you’re spiritual and reflective
-Orange, which shows you’re focused and energetic

So shine up your glow, and learn what your aura says about you!
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