When She Was Me

Written by:
Marlee Bush
Narrated by:
Imani Jade Powers

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2024
11 hours 11 minutes
Twin sisters Cassie and Lenora are inseparable. Ever since that night, they’ve been on their own, and that’s how they like it. As the sole permanent residents of Cabin Two, their refuge on an isolated Tennessee campground, the twins manage to stay away from prying eyes, probing questions, and true-crime junkies. The peace and quiet is almost enough to make them forget what happened all those years ago. Almost. Until a teenage girl camping at the neighboring cabin goes missing, and the memories come rushing back. As the crime becomes ever more recognizable, each sister suspects the other knows more than she’s letting on. Trapped in the isolating, claustrophobic wilderness, Cassie and Lenora must piece together the truth of what happened—and the sinister truth lurking in their own pasts—before it’s too late.
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