Whiskey & Sin: An Omegaverse Novel

Written by:
Emily Rath
Narrated by:
Diontae Black , Tor Thom

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2024
12 hours 39 minutes

In a world where unbonded omegas are worth their weight in gold, running is the only thing Silas Wright knows. Run from the criminal alpha pack hunting him. Run from the dark secrets haunting his nightmares. Run from himself.

Stumbling in the dark down a twisting mountain road, Silas is on the run when a stranger comes crashing into his life. This alpha is dangerous, but Silas is out of options. Forced to accept help, Silas finds himself holed up in a lonely mountain cabin. Cornered and desperate, Silas must quickly decide: Can I trust this alpha? Can I let him know my secret?

'My rescuer may be an alpha . . . but I am no beta.'

Contains mature themes.
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