Whiskey Beach

Written by:
Nora Roberts
Narrated by:
Luke Daniels

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
September 2013
14 hours 57 minutes
For more than three hundred years, Bluff House has sat above Whiskey Beach, guarding its shore—and its secrets.To summer tourists, it’s the crown jewel of the town’s stunning scenery. To the residents of Whiskey Beach, it’s landmark and legend. To Eli Landon, it’s home....A Boston lawyer, Eli has weathered an intense year of public scrutiny and police investigation after being accused of murdering his soon-to-be ex-wife. And though there was never enough evidence to have him arrested, his reputation is in tatters as well as his soul. He needs sanctuary. He needs Bluff House.While Eli’s beloved grandmother is in Boston, recuperating from a nasty fall, Abra Walsh has cared for Bluff House, among her other jobs as yoga instructor, jewelry maker, and massage therapist. She is a woman with an open heart and a wide embrace, and no one is safe from her special, some would say overbearing, brand of nurturing—including Eli.He begins to count on Abra for far more than her cooking, cleaning, and massage skills, and starts to feel less like a victim—and more like the kind of man who can finally solve the murder of his wife and clear his name. But Bluff House’s many mysteries are a siren song to someone intent on destroying Eli and reaping the rewards. He and Abra will become entangled in a centuries-old net of rumors and half-truths that could pull them under the thunderous waters of Whiskey Beach....Passion and obsession, humor and heart flow together in a novel about two people opening themselves up to the truth—and to each other.
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Cynthia L.

Nora is never wrong. I listen while I work late at night. She's a little predictable, but that's part of why i listen to her books. I know everyone (mostly) is going to have a happy ending.

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Vicki B.

Slow to start. Predictable. Narrator was annoying.

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Tonya Darden

Fun interesting listen. I felt the profanity was unnecessary.

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Anastasia F.

I listened for an hour - story seems good but the narrator is horrible. Main character sounds eternally angry and the women sound in their 80s. I can’t stand listening anymore

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It took awhile to get into the characters, but the story was compelling. I liked Eli better than Abra. The frequency of the detailed sex was unnecessary, we got the idea and did little to move the story along. Overall, the plot was good and you can't wait to see what happens next.

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Evelyn L.

Couldn’t get through much of this saga due to the horrible profanity! I’m really disappointed! This author always came through for me in the past with great novels. I know she could have created the intensity of drama needed in the places where the F bomb and Gods name taken in vain were inserted, without using these expletives! Hoping she will do better in future efforts.

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Cheryl K.

Great story. Loved the interaction between the characters.

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Philip H.

Good, enjoyable mystery story. Narrator was excellent.

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Blondelle O\\\'Garro

Excellent book as expected from Nora Roberts. I give it 4 stars because the narration made all the characters sound old and I think that subtracted from the story. Gave the narrator 3 stars because although the narration was solid, I found it difficult, especially in the final chapters, to deal with how old everyone sounded in the book.

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Shelley L.

Annoying voice when speaking as a female.

Profile Avatar

Loved it! May listen again!

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Judy L.

Absolutely loved this book and the narration was excellent.

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Susan H.

Good read. Normally I can pick the killer well before it is shared but not this time. I love Nora Roberts books. One of my favourite authors.

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Jeanne C.

I really enjoyed this book. My first of Nora Roberts . Now I'm searching for more. I loved it, loved the characters, the narrator. Great listen for the long quarantine days.

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Loved this book. Narrator kept me hooked.

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Excellent combination of murder mystery and love story.

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Diana S.

I just love the way the author weaves such a familiarity of the characters!

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Cathy B.

Loved this one. Good story, well developed characters, excellent narrator. What more could you want!

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Lesa F.

Never a dull moment, Hate reading but love audiobooks . Touches on every aspect of life one way or another,

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Leah f

This book is very in joy able.

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