White Flag of the Dead: Zombie Survival Series

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
March 2016
9 hours 58 minutes
Millions died when the Enillo Virus swept the earth. Millions more were lost when the victims of the plague refused to stay dead, instead rising to slaughter and feed on those left alive. For survivors like John Talon and his son Jake, they are faced with a choice: Do they submit to the dead, raising the white flag of surrender? Or do they find the will to fight, to try and hang on to the last shreds of humanity?
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Amy G.

excellent story...once again graham halstead knocked it out of the park..can't wait for book 2

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Sara S.

good story. would love for the author to develop the why of the change in zombie behavior a little more, but over all a great story.

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Margaret C.

I like reading series the author mr. talluto has giving me a series to read maybe he will come up with a new one to start on maybe about animals and people and The walking Dead and if you like... more diseases

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Marko H.

All in all it was an ok book. But very much a ‘zombie book by numbers’ if you’ve read or heard very few zombie books crack on it a solid 4 if you’re used to the genre it’s a 2.5-3.

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