Why Would I Lie?

Written by:
Adi Rule
Narrated by:
Deva Marie

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
April 2022
8 hours 59 minutes
A ripped-from-the-headlines thriller about a charismatic, sociopathic valedictorian . . . and the only girl brave enough to try to bringhim down.

Viveca North has always done her best to be perfect. She runs three miles every morning before arriving early to school whereshe volunteers as a peer tutor. After school, she prioritizes studying. On weekend mornings, she reads classic literature and thenewspaper—a habit she developed to help prep for the SATs and then never dropped. Her classmates consider her a bit of aknow it all. So it’s no surprise doesn’t have many friends, but she feels she’s earned her spot as valedictorian. Too bad JamisonClifton is trying to take it from her. . .Jamison doesn’t need to try to be perfect. Everything seems to come so easily to him. He’s charming, funny, and has the abilityto make anyone feel special. And he’s been through so much—cancer in his family, a car accident on the way to a final examsophomore year—the list goes on and on. He has his pick of glowing college recommendations. And it doesn’t hurt that his gradesare perfect.When Viveca sneaks a peek at Jamison’s recent English essay, she realizes it’s shockingly similar to one of her own. But whenshe brings it up, everyone just thinks she’s jealous that Jamison has finally pulled ahead of her in the race for valedictorian. Andwhen she starts digging into things, she finds a web of lies and deceit that she struggles even to fathom. What kind of personwould lie about a parent with cancer?! And what kind of sociopath would fake a car accident just to get an extension on a final?!Will Viveca be able to take down her school’s golden boy and reveal him as a fraud? Or will she go down as just another “bitter,paranoid, angry girl”?
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