Winning Your Husband Back Before It's Too Late: Whether He's Left Physically or Emotionally All That Matters Is...

Written by:
Gary Smalley , Greg Smalley
Narrated by:
Milton Bagby

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
5 hours 11 minutes
Your marriage may be beginning to crumble. Or it may already be in shambles. Its present condition does not determine its future, though. You do.

Imagine building a home on a foundation of sand or mud. Renovating or redecorating your home would be senseless because at any moment the whole house could collapse due to a faulty foundation. Before changing flooring, wall colors, window treatments, and furniture, you would need to seek out an architect to first firm up the foundation.

Likewise, winning your husband back necessitates more than simply rearranging the old stuff in your relationship. You may decide to fight differently than you did in the past, but if the old unresolved anger is allowed to remain, then nothing will genuinely change in our marriage.

In Winning Your Husband Back Before It's Too Late, Gary Smalley helps you develop an overall plan to win back your husband, where you will learn how to:

- Discover what causes distance in marriage.
- Understand the man you married.
- Become whole.
- Examine personality differences.
- Build commitment.
- Communicate more successfully.

Winning Your Husband Back Before It's Too Late can help you rebuild a strong marriage in which you and your husband see each other through Christ's eyes and become one in him.
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