Witch World

Written by:
Andre Norton
Narrated by:
Nick Podehl

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
February 2010
8 hours 0 minutes
The first book in the classic Witch World saga by beloved fantasy and science fiction author Andre Norton. Simon Tregarth, a man on the run, escapes from our world into another, where magic still has power. He finds new purpose in the service of Estcarp, whose witches use their ancient knowledge of magic to protect their home. But a new threat is rising: the mysterious Kolder, who possess powers and technology unlike anything known in the Witch World. It will take Simon and the forces of Estcarp all their might, their courage, and their magic to drive back the insurmountable enemy.
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Scott M.

I first read this book 40 years ago and fell in love with the book, series, and author. Now, to hear the book and mentally visualize the story as the narrator spoke was such a joy! I can't wait to listen to book two.

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