The Witch's Daughter: A Novel

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2012
14 hours 0 minutes
My name is Elizabeth Anne Hawksmith, and my age is three hundred and eighty-four years. Each new settlement asks for a new journal, and so this Book of Shadows begins…
In the spring of 1628, the Witchfinder of Wessex finds himself a true Witch. As Bess Hawksmith watches her mother swing from the Hanging Tree she knows that only one man can save her from the same fate at the hands of the panicked mob: the Warlock Gideon Masters, and his Book of Shadows. Secluded at his cottage in the woods, Gideon instructs Bess in the Craft, awakening formidable powers she didn't know she had and making her immortal. She couldn't have foreseen that even now, centuries later, he would be hunting her across time, determined to claim payment for saving her life.
In present-day England, Elizabeth has built a quiet life for herself, tending her garden and selling herbs and oils at the local farmers' market. But her solitude abruptly ends when a teenage girl called Tegan starts hanging around. Against her better judgment, Elizabeth begins teaching Tegan the ways of the Hedge Witch, in the process awakening memories--and demons--long thought forgotten.
Part historical romance, part modern fantasy, The Witch's Daughter is a fresh, compelling take on the magical, yet dangerous world of Witches. Readers will long remember the fiercely independent heroine who survives plagues, wars, and the heartbreak that comes with immortality to remain true to herself, and protect the protégé she comes to love.
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Thoroughly enjoyable book. Well narrated.

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Love, love, love her books and this narrator!!!

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Kyla G.

It was very long and detailed, but when you got to the crux of the story, it was interesting and kept me reading until the end.

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I honestly don’t know how to describe this book. I have never read anything so melancholic, macabre, yet riveting at the same time to the point where I couldn’t tear myself away from it! Extremely well written though and beautifully narrated. Still, bizarre, disturbing, and beautiful at the same time.

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Chelsea W.

This book was very intriguing ! I will now be reading all of this authors books.

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Patricia B.

Excellent i listened all of it at one setting. It was extremely well read and narrated. i hope another book is soon written.

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Anne B.

Fantastic book, and an incredible narrator

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Adrianne Harris

Book was excellent. It wasn't something I would traditionally listen to, but excellent. Narrator was excellent and loved the accent.

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Britania Baird

Very interesting. Couldn't stop listening. Loved the narrators accent. Pitch took some getting use to, but overall well done.

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Angela Simoneau

Loved this book! It was well written and narrated. The main character told the story in away that kept me drawn in and wanting more. I would love to find a sequel!

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Dorie Rogers

I loved this book ! The story was well done ! I didn't want it to end;-) The historical tie in with present day was well done I think . I hope there will be another !

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Crystal Morris

Well done, pulled some heart strings, fetched some tears (not easily done). Could have taken a little more time, but characters were still well known/felt. It is only that by putting the heroin in or near such well known historical events a couple times that the back ground feels a little convenient that it only gets 4 stars. It is because the depth of characters and narration lets you see past this that gives it a really good nod.

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