Wolf in the Attic

Written by:
Paul Kearney
Narrated by:
Bronwen Price

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
May 2019
7 hours 48 minutes
Anna Francis lives in a tall old house with her father and her doll Penelope. She is a refugee, a piece of flotsam washed up in England by the tides of the Great War. Once upon a time, she had a mother and a brother, and they all lived together in the most beautiful city in the world. But that is all gone now, and only to her doll does she ever speak of it. And then one winter day, she finds an interloper in the attic. A boy named Luca with yellow eyes, who is as alone as she is. That day, she'll lose everything in her life, and find the only real friend she may ever know.
“Very good indeed. A great Oxford novel; and the wonderfully conjured period detail…The characters are expertly written: they feel absolutely real, and the real-ness evocatively off sets the deftly handled supernatural elements.” ADAM ROBERTS
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What an interesting story. Loved the ending!!!!

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Very enjoyable story. Quite different from what I would usually choose to read although in the same genre. I loved the journey of understanding and growth of the characters. A well written story which I am glad I had the opportunity to listen to.

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Mendel G.

Engaging story of a 12 year old refugee from war torn ( WWI) Greece in Oxford in the 1920's. The book is well written as seen thru the girl's eyes. It deals with loss and trust, and the early blossoming of love in teenagers of that era with a piquant overlay of the supernatural. The narrator is superb.

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Titus P.

Didn’t finish it. The narrators voice was dreadfully annoying and sometimes hard to understand. I wish there was a feature where you could change the persons voice. I tired of all my books having European English accents cause sometimes it’s hard to understand them. The narrator voice made the book so BORING! You can tell the narrator has no passion for the book they are reading. I’ll read this on my own with the actual book.

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Susan H

A fascinating enjoyable read!

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Fairly predictable, sort of stream of consciousness, characters are lacking in depth.

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Description Label

I enjoyed this. The story wandered around so that I had no clue of what would happen next, but it was an enjoyable ride.

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Melanie I.

Delightful and sweet. But one must believe In Magic to enjoy. Loved the brave Anna. And loved the ending. (And Queenie still wins bc she got what she wanted too).

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Sarah G.

Sweet, unpected coming of age story with a little bit of magic. The heroine is very believable and likeable.

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Terry W.

I guessed correctly about the wolf but the rest of the story was quite a surprise with an unexpected twist at the end. The writing was brilliantly descriptive and a pleasurable listen. Bronwen Price was a superb narrator with many voices and I hope to find other books read by her. Neat little detail to look out for - Anna met two minor characters who were real people of the time and subtle clues gave their identification.

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