Wolf Song

Wolf Song

Written by:
Lena Mae Hill
Narrated by:
Vanessa Moyen
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Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2021
5 hours 26 minutes
Nothing in life is free - even life itself.  

After a split-second decision that gave her a second chance at life, Timberlyn struggles to control her new instincts as her life spins out of control. Her newly awakened hunger takes over, and she has to decide if she made the right choice, after all.

She may have saved her life, but every day is a struggle not to lose herself. Cut off from her family and the wolves, she takes solace in her friendship with Svana and Viktor, despite their hatred for the Wolf boys. But will Alarick despise her when he finds out the truth?

When she returns for her third year at Ravenwood Academy, everything is different. Her friends. Her status. Her link with the wolves. Now bound to Jonathan Ravenwood, she must fight harder than ever to carve out her own path and fight for what’s right.

This book concludes the Ravenwood Academy trilogy, a YA urban fantasy adventure filled with slow-burn romance, friendship, and mystery.
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