Wolverine: Violent Tendencies

Narrated by:
David Bendena

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
October 2021
8 hours 35 minutes
Once he was a valued key operative in Canada's special forces. Now the man known only as Logan has been forever transformed into Weapon X—an unstoppable, indestructible killing machine, a bringer of mayhem with retractable harder-than-diamond steel claws and the ability to recover from any wound. It has been months since Logan escaped the secret research complex in the Canadian Rockies where he was held captive, breaking through punishing psychological conditioning, slaughtering all those who stood in his way, and fleeing into the wilderness. Now, at the clandestine agency known as Department K, the director of the Weapon X program decides it's time to reclaim the most successful experiment for his group. But before Weapon X is to be brought in, the director opts to present Logan with a few more challenges to see how this modern-day Frankenstein's monster has adapted to its new abilities—and he magnifies the intensity of the external threat in order to gauge Logan's full potential....
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Ben S.

If your a fan of leading lambs to slaughter you’ll love this one. Narration draws you in. Story is on point and hopefully this author writes more of these. Brings me back to reading the comics however this was is adult!

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