The World According to Dragons: Book Three

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2023
11 hours 8 minutes
The breathtaking finale of The World According to Dragons trilogy has arrived!

Armed with Arcane Cards and a fresh comprehension of dragonessence, Twillo is better equipped than ever to challenge Jecha, the formidable God of Carnage. However, the challenge doesn't end there: a race against time and foe alike to unlock the last of the ziggurats, which hold the key to resurrecting dragons in the Four Kingdoms of the Sagaland.

Venturing towards the sun-drenched southern desert, Twillo is joined by an old friend thought lost to time. This newly forged alliance, however, will face challenges at every turn. From monstrous adversaries to former mentors twisted by spite, danger abounds on their path to Twillo's ultimate goal.

Will Twillo free the imprisoned dragons before Jecha can seize control? Can he reclaim his name and fulfill his legacy? An epic adventure full of peril, camaraderie, and earth-shattering revelations awaits.
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