The World's End

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
December 2023
11 hours 51 minutes
It's been three months since the Snow Queen and OzCorp infiltrated Maidenkeep and nearly seized the Nine Maidens. Ryker is still unconscious and the rest of the group is feeling the effects of the prolonged war. Not to mention that Abigail Fey's curse has far-reaching consequences, and many in the Royal States have been using it to stir unrest and hostilities against Avalon. When the Adarna, a firebird-like creature appears in Avalon, the gang discovers it is one of seven magical artifacts that the Snow Queen has been searching for in her bid to open a portal to Buyan—a place that could grant her tremendous power. Determined to find the artifacts first, the Bandersnatchers find information about the other five: the Singing Bone, the Hamelin Flute, the Tamatebako, the Lotus Lantern, the Raskovnik, and the Wonderland Tree. But the Snow Queen will stop at nothing to get to the relics first. And as the final battle approaches, both sides will lose the ones they love as the fight to save or destroy Avalon finally comes to be.
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