Written by:
S. M. Boyce
Narrated by:
Wayne Mitchell

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2024
30 hours 54 minutes
To survive, Connor Magnuson must become a man with no equal.

The path ahead is a deadly one. His end of the bargains he made to get this far have come due, and his debts take him back to a homeland he's been trying to forget. Kirkwall is an island of ancient secrets, and the magic in its soil will topple empires if he doesn't get to it first.

His legend has begun to spread through the pubs, and others begin taking credit. Imposters pop up along the coast, and they threaten to undermine everything he has worked for. The deadliest army in history gathers in the south, stronger every day, and they've set their sights on him. The tides of this world will shift at any moment, and Connor is pushed to his limits. To protect what's his, he's forced to unleash the raw power that will consume him if he isn't careful.

Enslaved dragons. A dying goddess. A path to immortality-or an early grave. Magic always comes at a cost, and this time, Connor doesn't know if it's one he can pay.
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