Written in Bone: Hidden Stories in What We Leave Behind

Written by:
Sue Black
Narrated by:
Sue Black

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
July 2021
11 hours 41 minutes
In her memoir All That Remains, internationally renowned forensic anthropologist and human anatomist Dame Sue Black recounted her life lived eye to eye with the Grim Reaper. During the course of it, she offered a primer on the basics of identifying human remains, plenty of insights into the fascinating processes of death, and a sober, compassionate understanding of its inescapable presence in our existence, all leavened with her wicked sense of humor. Now in this book, Black builds on that memoir, taking us on a guided tour of the human skeleton and explaining how each person's life history is revealed in their bones, which she calls the last sentinels of our mortal life to bear witness to the way we lived it. Her narrative follows the skeleton from the top of the skull to the small bones in the foot. Each step of the journey includes an explanation of the biology—how the bone is formed in a person's development, how it changes as we age, the secrets it may hold—and is illustrated with anecdotes from the author's career helping solve crimes and identifying human remains, whether recent or historical. Full of entertaining stories that read like scenes from a true-life CSI drama, Written in Bone is infused with humor and no-nonsense practicality about the realities of corpses and death.
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I had NO idea of how much I would enjoy this book. The stories were fascinating. I might just listen to it again.

So interesting! Ms Black presents all the infyvery professionally but also with personal comments and humanity. The cases she presents to further explain her topics are well chosen and her narration is excellent!

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