Written by:
David Achord
Narrated by:
Graham Halstead

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
January 2015
13 hours 11 minutes
Zach Gunderson and his friends have carved out a life for themselves in a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by zombies. But survival is a daily struggle.

In addition to frequent encounters with hostile humans, Zach has discovered something very sinister about the zombies.
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Mary Z.

can't stop listening! love this series.

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Mathew P

Excellent book series! I love it. The story is great and the narrator does a fantastic job. Definitely recommend.

Profile Avatar

wow! the second book did not disappoint. hope Mr. Achord writes more.

Profile Avatar

It’s the homesteading version of TWD. The series so far has been easy to listen to without really having to concentrate. Not a literary masterpiece but an ok diversion. I’ll keep listening.

Profile Avatar
Marcus R.

Love this series - just finished Book 2! Looking forward to the evolving horde….

Profile Avatar
lucy gutierrez

good book good ideas

Profile Avatar

Love it

Profile Avatar

Very good series. Nice plot twist and turns.

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the narrator does a really good job with this book series

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Glenn S.

BOOK:It’s the level of detail that makes the series so fantastic. Usually when a story slows down time to explain each little step a character does, it’s because something major is about to happen. In this book it’s normal and I love it. It really creates a sense of being in the world. NARRATION: Mr. Haistead doesn’t have a huge range in creating different voices that I really like his straightforward way of reading. It sounds realistic and it’s perfect for content like this.

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Gets old fast thought I'd give the second book a chance wish I didn't. Even fast forwarding threw parts wasn't enuff to make it bearable. But I guess its written for angst fueled teens with a side of narcissistic tendances.

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David J.

Great book, really like the way it keeps you wanting to keep reading

Profile Avatar
Christine P.

I’m enjoying the 2nd book and excited for the third! It seems the author picks a word and uses it so many times throughout the book it gets distracting. This time is was the adjective LAMENTED - Hahahaa! Great series so far!

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Marchell I.

Survival, Zombies, relationships, interesting characters. You couldn't ask for more in a Book ! I'm on to the third book!!!

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Amy g

well written. Into the next book perfect can't wait for the rest

Profile Avatar
Brad B

Followed up after the part 1 smoothly and keeping me on the edge of my seat still. Brad B

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Mary Olp

I really really enjoy these books! The narrator is phenomenal. They're easy to listen to and they're interesting if you love the zombie books you will absolutely adore these books.

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Nathan Ekers

Awesome book, if you're a fan of zombies get this book now. Even if you aren't a fan of zombies it's still an awesomely written book and the narrator does a great job

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