Zero Hour America: History's Ultimatum over Freedom and the Answer We Must Give

Written by:
Os Guinness
Narrated by:
Os Guinness

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date
November 2022
7 hours 13 minutes
America has lost its way. And America will fall-unless . . .

Revolution? Oligarchy? Or homecoming? Americans are approaching a 'zero hour' for the republic and its distinctive view of ordered freedom. America is caught between two revolutions and alternately suppresses and squanders freedom with a prodigal carelessness, with little understanding of the responsibilities that freedom requires.

Os Guinness warns that if America abandons its distinctive ideals and ideas, we will have carved into the chronicles of history yet another example of the failure of a free society. Like other crucial times in world history, the present crisis is a 'civilizational moment' and also a pivot point that could lead to national renewal. Outlining seven key foundation stones of freedom, Guinness lays out a pathway for defining and ordering freedom, righting national wrongs, and passing freedom's baton from generation to generation.

Human freedom is precious and rare, and citizens who prize it must do what it takes to renew and sustain societies that are free for all of their members. America's window of opportunity is brief, and the alternative to renewal is bleak. The present moment must not be missed.
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